If you run a quick search on the Internet for “selling property as FSBO,” you will quickly discover that the majority of relevant blog posts claim the process to be tedious, lengthy and difficult. Maybe so. We really cannot deny that many individuals selling FSBO do not have the necessary skills needed to sell their property. As opposed to a real estate agent, FSBO sellers do not have access to the MLS and they absolutely do not possess the tools and the knowledge to accurately price a property in order to sell at fair market value.

We Make It Less Difficult

Fortunately, with the aide of technology and modern business models, FSBO’s now have the essential tools needed to sell their property. Flat-fee MLS is a new business model, providing essential services otherwise offered by traditional Realtors. However, the main difference is that the flat-fee MLS listing agent does not collect the full 6% commission at closing. Rather, the listing agent has already been paid a flat fee for listing the property, and the only payment is to the buyer’s agent, which percentage is determined by the seller at the start of the listing period.

Flat Fee MLS In Focus

You may be wondering how a flat fee agent can offer any value to your sale for such a limited cost. For starters, flat-fee MLS service providers list your property for sale in the MLS. This will immediately syndicate your listing to hundreds other real estate-related listing websites, including Trulia and Zillow, just to name a few. Ultimately, if your flat fee agent lists your property in the MLS, you can rest assured that it will marketed to the maximum number of potential buyers, significantly increasing the chances of a sale.

Beyond listing in the MLS, Prello Realty also provides offline marketing service. For example, we will provide you with a yard sign. This can be a perfect way to capture the attention of potential buyers who might happen to pass-by your property.

Prello Realty also takes into consideration your convenience. This is why we will provide you with templates, which will come in handy when you already have a buyer for your property. You’ll have access to contract and disclosures that you’ll need when selling your property.

With all these flat fee MLS services offered through Prello Realty, your job as a FSBO can be significantly simplified. Some degree of work will still be required but with flat-fee mls your job in selling your property as FSBO just became a lot easier.

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