How to sell your home FSBO

Selling your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can be stressful. Many people try, but only certain individuals are actually able to get a contract and close the deal.

Flat Fee MLS can help you sell your home. We can help by minimizing your expenses through reduced broker commission.  Additionally, we help you gain access to the MLS, which gives you the marketing exposure needed to effectively sell your home. When utilizing the services of Prello Realty’s Flat Fee MLS, we will help reduce your fees while listing your property on the MLS. Additionally, we recommend the following as important considerations to help get your property sold:

  • Clean Home – If you decide to sell your home, you should clean your house effectively. You should make your home look neat. The buyers want to have sufficient space and cleaning helps reduce clutter, making your home appear more spacious.
  • Price Reasonably – Properties typically sell for fair market value. Residential property is valued at the price of comparable properties. FSBO sellers need to price their property at a realistic listing price. Many for sale by owner sellers fail to sell their home because they list it too high. Prello’s Flat Fee MLS will help you analyze comparable sales to help you effectively market your home.
  • Inspect – You should have your home inspected so that you know if you have operating systems, such as plumbing, appliances, heating systems, electrical and more.
  • Time it Right – Especially in the Chicago market, potential buyers purchase during the spring and summer. For this reason, timing your sale can be very important. It’s no secret that people want to move when it is warm. You should start selling your home in the month of April or May.
  • Market your Home – You should market your home by displaying a for sale sign. You should also advertise your home in the Multiple Listing Service. Prello Realty’s Flat Fee MLS can get you listed on the MLS for a flat fee.
  • Showing your Home – When contacted by a potential buyer, you should know how to show your home by setting a peaceful and exciting mood. As mentioned above, you should clean your home and reduce clutter. Be a good host and make the buyer feel welcome.
  • Closing the Deal – You should always be prepared in negotiating and have an experienced attorney represent you at closing. Since Illinois uses attorneys to close real estate transactions, you need counsel to order title and prepare your closing documents, among many other important tasks.


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