Let’s admit it, searching for real estate on the MLS can be complicated. These days, there are so many realtors, listing so many properties, and since there are so many buyers, competition is at an all time high. With all of the options available, buyers can get easily distracted when searching for properties for sale online. For the buyers, all of these options can be beneficial.  But for the seller, it can be difficult to make your property standout among a sea of other MLS listings, which we know is imperative to make your For Sale listing sell.  To sell your property, you have to do more than simply enter it on the MLS; it takes creative thinking and effort to make your listing impress a buyer.

Here are five tips to improve your MLS Listing:

1. Do Your Research – As a realtor, one must first conduct due diligence about the property that you will be putting into an MLS Listing. I cannot stress it enough that your MLS Listing is more than just encoding property characteristics into the MLS database. By doing your research, you will be able to accurately enter the data in the MLS Listing. Sure, you might have basic property information, but the truly impressive MLS Listings include additional descriptions that help sell your home.

2. Treat Every Property Unique – Are you using pre-prepared descriptions for the properties that you list into the MLS? If so, you’re not effectively selling your listing because every home is unique. Each home you list in the MLS has a different design, a different floor area, and a different view. You need to treat every property as unique and you need to create a new description for every property you sell. If you adhere to step number one above, it should be easy to come up with a unique description to sell your property.

3. Create A Storyboard – Now that you have done your research and have accepted that every property is unique, it is now time to create a storyboard specific to the property that you are selling. How do you want to present the property? What parts of the property are going to entice your target buyers? What storyline would best fit for your target buyers? Remember you only have a limited space to put in text and photos so you have to create a listing that tells a story as well as a listing that effectively communicates your story to your target buyers.

4. Select The Best Photos – As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words” — so when you upload photos to the MLS database, choose quality over quantity. There are a lot of people that claim posting more photos in the MLS is better for your listing, however, it is a fact that people have an incredibly short attention span.  So take our advice, choosing a better photo that “makes sense,” will trump multiple photos any day of the week.

5. Boost Your Listing With Social Media – It pays to have a social media account that you can use to boost your listing. By sharing your listing(s), you will be able to market your property to more potential buyers. If your listing great (i.e., you’ve followed steps one through four above), potential buyers acquired through your social media post should not be disappointed. Although this technique may not create an immediate sale, it will certainly improve your social media presence, and will assure a good following of potential buyers.

The MLS is a powerful tool that you should absolutely utilize when you are trying to sell your property. No matter whether you are selling for sale by owner or you are a realtor selling a property for a seller, adding creativity, a little bit of detail, and some extra social media work will invariably catch the attention of potential buyers in no time.

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