If you spend some time researching Flat Fee MLS companies, you’ll discover that not all providers are equal. Some Flat Fee MLS brokers offer more than others. For example, the flat fee pricing models can vary significantly because there really isn’t a set “standard price.” Additionally, the services offered by each company also vary. This is why it’s important to do your research before signing up, only to regret your Flat Fee MLS broker of choice at a later date.

Flat Fee MLS Service — What To Expect?

Although the listing services provided may vary, one basic service that you will find offered by every Flat Fee MLS service provider is, of course, the listing of your property in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS for short. For some Flat Fee companies, listing a home on the MLS is where the service begins, and it is where the service ends. Other Flat Fee MLS providers, however, provide services beyond listing the property in the MLS — these are the service providers that will definitely give you more value for your money.

Flat Fee MLS — How To Get Most Value

To better get the best value out of what you paid for Flat Fee MLS service, you should do the following:

  • Research and Understand Every Service Provided – We always advocate doing research. We believe that being fully informed of what you’re purchasing is always a better idea than jumping into something without any idea of what you’re buying. During your research, you should make a point of understanding each service so that you can maximize each service.
  • Make A Checklist of Accomplished Services – Keep track of the services that the Flat Fee MLS provider offers. Make a checklist to make sure that your provider is not shortchanging you in terms of the services rendered.
  • Asking can get you that extra value – Sometimes it pays to simply ask. This is why a Flat Fee MLS service with a live customer support system should be an important consideration for you during your research. When you ask, you may also obtain first hand insider tips on how to better approach your MLS listing and how to maximize your Flat Fee MLS listing service. Sometimes you have to leave it to the experts but you should always ask first.

By being informed, by tracking and by asking, you will be able to know and fully understand the extent of the Flat Fee MLS service. Following these simple steps will allow you to maximize the use of such service. This will ultimately save you time down the road and potentially save you more money after you have sold your property.

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