The open house is one of the oldest selling strategies used by real estate agents. If you think about it, it’s just like selling any other product: let the customer experience the product. Most people would think conducting an open house is easy – you just stage the home, spruce it up a bit, call some people, and, voila! You have an open house. Unfortunately, in reality, this is easier said than done. The fact of the matter is, hosting an open house is a lot of work! In fact, even if you’ve put in “blood, sweat, and tears” into hosting your open house, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll have the attendance anticipated at your open house or the offers you are hoping for. And that’s where we come to the rescue. We’ve broken down some simple steps you can take in order to get people to your open house.

  • Engage with Your Neighbors – A simple chat with your neighbors (if you are selling as a FSBO) telling them about your upcoming open house, is a great way to get the ball rolling. By telling your neighbors that you are selling your property you will initiate a word-of-mouth chain reaction, which, hopefully, will reach the right buyers.
  • Put Up Some Signs – You want word of your open house to spread to residents beyond your immediate neighborhood. Putting up some signs outside of your neighborhood will undoubtedly draw more interest to your open house.
  • Use Social Media – Social media is word-of-mouth on steroids. So, that Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account will definitely come in handy. Post announcements about your open house. Adding photos about of the property along with the details for the open house sparks the interest of potential buyers!
  • Give Out Promos During Open Houses – It pays to have some token gifts to distribute to those who attend your open house. Likewise, providing lunch or snacks can’t hurt! If the house has a nice kitchen, you can showcase it by cooking some baked goodies.

Utilizing these tips will certainly increase interest in your open house. Remember, with a little bit of work and by going the extra mile, you might be able to get more people to attend your open house and of course find that potential buyer.

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