Flat Fee MLS Broker

Technology has officially changed the real estate industry – this is a FACT.  No longer does one post their property for sale in a magazine or in the newspaper.  Todays homeowner that decides to sell by owner has certain advantages he or she never had ten years ago. The MLS has leveled the playing field in a sense, with its wide marking exposure and instantaneous syndication to websites used by millions of potential buyers. The marketing access provided by the MLS can help you sell property fast and easy.

But not everyone can access the MLS. Only a licensed realtor that subscribes to the local MLS has the ability to post new listings to this powerful database. So, in order to truly gain access to the MLS, a homeowner has two options: (1) hire a traditional agent that is generally paid 6% of the selling price, or (2) hire a flat fee MLS broker who will charge you a fixed fee to list your property on the MLS.

The ability to chose your level of service when selling your home is a great concept. Some people do not have the sophistication needed to sell their own property, and may choose to use a full service realtor. But there are also certain sellers that do not need full assistance throughout the transaction – those that also want to save thousands of dollars in the process at closing.

Certain traits and characteristics are typically present with a For Sale By Owner seller. It’s likely you have the sophistication and ability to conduct a showing on your own. You are also probably confident enough to tackle questions about your property from others that are interested in purchasing. Clearly, you don’t want to pay full commission to a listing agent and a selling agent at closing. You also don’t need the full service of a realtor willing to sell your home for you; you’re willing to carry some additional responsibility in that sense.

If this sounds like you, a FSBO (for sale by owner) can reduce their fees and cost typically paid to a real estate broker by using a flat fee MLS program. Once your property is active on the MLS, it will feed to different sites. It is important to note that if you list your property on the MLS, you are typically not allowed to list your property FSBO on your own.

The MLS (multiple listing service) will assist sellers find potential buyers looking to purchase their property. It is the primary tool agents use to market a property and, through listing syndication, it also helps buyers find property. Any agent you speak to will tell you that they use the MLS. They will also tell you that the MLS increases the marketing exposure to potential buyers. The MLS, without a doubt, makes your property more accessible to buyers in the market that are looking for a home.

Flat Fee MLS Broker

Flat Fee MLS brokers offer sellers the ability to list a property on the MLS for a low flat fee. And if the buyer that ultimately purchases your home is not represented by an agent, you, as a seller, will not pay any commission at closing.

So, to recap, there are many advantages to listing with a flat fee broker, as long as you are the type of seller willing to sell in this fashion. First, you can get marketing exposure with the MLS. Your home will always exposed to realtors and potential buyers alike. You also get listing syndication, which exposes your listing to feeder websites. All in all, it give your power, control, flexibility, and significant cost savings.

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