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Solving FSBO Challenges With Flat Fee MLS

FSBO is the process where a homeowner sells his property without the aide of a real estate broker in Chicago. The purpose of selling FSBO is of course to gain additional net proceeds (i.e., profit), since you won’t pay any broker commission. Although most would agree... read more

Sell Your Own Home With Flat Fee MLS

Selling your own home may be a daunting task, especially if you have a day job. When you combine a day job with selling your property as FSBO (as well as family and the stress of moving), you’ve certainly got a number of difficult tasks on your hands. FSBO sellers... read more

Top Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Yard

It’s sometimes easy to neglect property upkeep. Often, you only realize the value of fixing certain issues when it is too late. For example, one area of your home frequently forgotten is the upkeep and maintenance of the yard. Most people find out they need to fix... read more

MLS Real Estate Strategy and FSBO

Realtors commonly utilize various Multiple Listing Service (MLS) real estate strategies. This makes sense because only licensed realtors are authorized users of the MLS, having access to list properties for sale within this powerful database. The MLS real estate... read more

DIY Home Decor To Save On Home Improvement

Home improvement is essential to beautify your home and also to maintain (while likely increasing the value of) your home. Spending time to improve your home decor comes in handy not only for aesthetics purposes but also for selling your property. A beautiful home... read more

Why Selling As FSBO is Not That Difficult Anymore

If you run a quick search on the Internet for “selling property as FSBO,” you will quickly discover that the majority of relevant blog posts claim the process to be tedious, lengthy and difficult. Maybe so. We really cannot deny that many individuals selling FSBO do... read more
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