When selling your property,it’s essential that you give potential buyers a great first impression.  This will help increase the chances that they will want to pay full asking price for your property. Giving a good first impression means that you must make some minor improvements to your property before subjecting your home to an open house or even before putting your property in any multiple listing service(MLS).

Staging your home for an MLS Listing and for an Open House is important in order to attract potential buyers. Staging your property will give a great impression to potential buyers, making it more likely they will want to physically view your home.

There are many approaches one can take when staging their home.  You can hire a professional staging company to do all the work for you, however this is going to require a substantial financial investment. If you do not have the budget for professional staging companies, you may want to do things on your own. Here are some affordable home staging ideas which you can do today.

  1. De-clutter your House – One of the things that you want potential buyers to see is the spaciousness of your house. In order to do this, you must de-clutter the house prior to your open house. Remove personal things and any items that would not represent that specific section of the house. Remove unnecessary items in your living room; keep it simple and try to represent the true spaciousness of all areas in your house. In fact, this goes the same with the other parts of the house too.
  2. Scrub and Clean – Potential buyers must always view your home in its pristine condition. Although all buyers will know the age of your home from the MLS listing sheet, showing that every part of the house to be in pristine condition means that you are showing how well kept or how well maintained the house is. So start scrubbing and cleaning those countertops, ceilings and every nook and cranny.
  3. Get Painting – If you are serious about selling your property, you have to understand that strong and non-neutral colors will likely turn away your potential buyers. Just those colors alone can give potential buyers an impression that there is too much work that must be completed to the house. You can avoid this by painting your rooms with neutral colors. By doing this you not only give that impression that there are no improvements needed to be done on the property but you also give that impression that the property is new or well maintained.
  4. Create Spaces – Potential buyers love to see how spacious the rooms or the different areas of the house are. This is why putting in less furniture and opening space will help achieve this goal. And whenever possible, create spaces, but not at the expense of your budget.  There is no need to break down walls – simply moving furniture can usually help in achieving your goal.
  5. Spend Time and Money in the External Part of the House – Upon arriving to your open house, the first thing that the potential buyers will see is the external part of your house. This is why it is important to spend some time and money into improving your front yard. Adding plants to the front yard will add color and beauty to your yard and you wouldn’t have to spend that much. On top of that, think about repainting the exterior part of your house. A little budget shelled out up front can help add more value for your home down the road.

It is important to stage your home in order to make sure that you will attract potential buyers. By completing these tips you not only increase the value of your home, you also have better photos to post to the multiple listing service.

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